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How to book a programme

If you’d like to know more about constraint induced movement therapy, discuss whether your child would be suitable or enquire about booking a programme, then please get in touch.

Our booking process is as follows:

1) Telephone consultation – in this free consultation we can answer any questions you may have, discuss your child in detail and determine if CIMT is the right treatment for your child.

2) Provision of quote – following the telephone consultation you will be provided with a quote for the assessment and programme. Our team can provide you with information regarding funding options if required.

3) Initial assessment and report – this is the chance to meet your CIMT therapist in person, and for the therapist to fully assess your child. Following this you’ll be provided with a report and recommendations.

4) Programme booking – you’ll be able to discuss dates and logistics of attending a programme with our team before the programme is formally booked.

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I don’t live in the UK – is this a problem?

Not at all. Many of our patients travel from all over the UK and beyond to work with us. We can provide you with local information, accommodation suggestions and advice on location – just ask!

If you are based in America, why not contact the founding clinic in Alabama? (www.uabmedicine.org/patient-care/treatments/ci-therapy)

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Call Our Helpline Today

Call us on 0330 223 0077 or email to speak to one of our specialist CIMT therapists.