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Meet Darcie

"Darcie has been a pleasure to work with" - Olivia
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The Challenge

Darcie has good functional movement in her right upper limb, however, there was evidence of developmental disregard in observed play.

Therefore, the aims for Darcie throughout CIMT were to increase awareness and consistent spontaneous use of her right upper limb during functional tasks.

The Goals

  • To increase awareness of her right upper limb.
  • To increase range of movement throughout her right upper limb.
  • To increase the orientation and precision in her ability to grasp and release.
  • To increase fine movements with the right hand and fingers.

Our Approach


Fine motor skills exercises


Grasping and releasing


Increase range of movement through play.

Harvey removing bricks from jenga tower using least dominant hand


Increase spontaneous use through play with her stronger arm casted

The Science-y Bit

Darcie’s main goals were to increase awareness and use of her right upper limb to reduce the learnt non-use. The use of a lightweight cast on her stronger arm for 3 weeks encouraged her to focus on using her right upper limb providing positive reinforcement throughout to allow Darcie to meet her goals.

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We used similar repetitive shaping tasks daily with Darcie to encourage and achieve the movements required to enable her to complete functional tasks more independently. The high intensity and repetitive use of Darcie’s affected upper limb over a relatively short period of time had produced a lasting change.

The Results

Increase Upwards Arrow Icon67%

General Usage Items

Increase Upwards Arrow Icon57%

Arm Use Items

Increase Upwards Arrow Icon29%

Grasp-Release (items)

Increase Upwards Arrow Icon40%

Grasp Release

Increase Upwards Arrow Icon50%

Fine Motor Adjustment

Increase Upwards Arrow Icon29%


Increase Upwards Arrow Icon20%

Pace items

The Achievements

  • Increased awareness and spontaneous use which enables Darcie to complete functional bimanual tasks independently such as getting dressed.
  • Increased range of movement throughout her right upper limb enabling Darcie to feed herself.
  • Darcie’s coordination improved so now she has much more precision when carrying out tasks.
  • Darcie has perfected pincer grip which will enable her to complete fine motor tasks more easily including threading, buttons, zips etc.

The Therapists Feedback

Darcie has been a pleasure to work with. She has demonstrated good motivation throughout her CIMT programme ensuring lots of laughs and giggles for everyone. - Olivia, Darcie’s therapist

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Darcie has been a pleasure to work with.
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Olivia - Darcie's Therapist

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