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Alistar Smiling During Treatment

Meet Kaiden

“You can clearly see from CIMT’s website and social media that the therapy is play based and Kaiden just loves to play!” - Amanda, Kaiden's Mum
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“We’ve seen Kaiden do so much with his right arm during therapy that he’s never done before!”
Amanda, Kaiden's Mum.

The Challenge

Kaiden was noted to have a hand preference early on in his life. He has weakness and increased muscle tone throughout the right side of his body and this has meant he has had to work especially hard to achieve milestones! Kaiden uses only his left hand and arm in all activities because it’s easier for him to use his left, creating a left sided developmental disregard.

We hope that through an intensive programme of CIMT Kaiden can improve his awareness of his right upper limb and start using it purposefully.

“When we mentioned coming to Manchester to do CIMT, Kaiden’s NHS therapists said if anyone can get Kaiden’s arm moving it will be the CIMT team in Manchester" - Amanda, Kaiden's mum

The Goals

  • To improve awareness of right upper limb for both unilateral and bilateral activities
  • To improve muscle strength at the shoulder and throughout the upper limb
  • To improve dexterity
  • To attempt to develop grasp and release of the hand to work towards for example holding his cup with two hands
  • To improve alignment of his wrist/thumb
  • To improve his confidence in using his right hand successfully

Our Approach


Increase Awareness


Muscle strengthening, through play and movement


Develop grasp and release


Improve confidence in using his right hand


Improve alignment through use of kinesiology tape


Improve dexterity

The Science-y Bit

CIMT involves constraining the child’s stronger arm in a soft lightweight cast and completing rehab of the weaker arm and hand, which for infants is undertaken through play and meaningful functional activities.

Kaiden had the cast on for 4 weeks which allowed him to focus on only using his affected arm in activities, this increased his awareness of his right upper limb.

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Rehabilitation through play helps to stimulate the formation of new pathways for movement and in turn helps to rewire the brain. The high intensity and repetitive use of Kaiden’s affected upper limb over a relatively short period of time had produced lasting changes not only in Kaidens awareness of his upper limb which he is now incorporating within two handed tasks!

Ruth - Kaiden's Physiotherapist

“Kaiden’s leaving us with increased awareness and increased ability to use his right hand voluntarily which is fantastic!”
Ruth, Kaiden's Therapist.

The Results

Increase Upwards Arrow Icon20%

General Usage

Increase Upwards Arrow Iconnone%

Arm Use

Increase Upwards Arrow Icon150%

Grasp-Release (items)

Increase Upwards Arrow Icon7.7%

Grasp Release

Increase Upwards Arrow Icon30%


Increase Upwards Arrow Icon33.3%

Overall Performance

The Achievements

  • General use; stabilising objects.
  • Arm/hand movements; no change
  • Grasp-release items; stabilises by grasp
  • Coordination items; bimanual manipulation
  • Overall performance items; flow in bimanual
Kaiden holding an item.

The Parents Feedback

'Before CIMT Kaiden didn’t even know he had an arm and now he not only knows it’s there but he can use it' - Amanda, Kaiden's mum.

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