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CIMT provides effective rehabilitation for children who have one arm that is weaker than the other due to neurological conditions. CIMT involves intensive practice with the affected side, while restraining the unaffected side in a light weight cast.

Our CIMT programmes are between 3 and 4 weeks long, with therapy sessions occurring 5 days a week for 3 hours a day.

A cast is worn on the unaffected side for the full duration of the CIMT programme. Therefore even outside of therapy sessions your child is still using their affected side and continues to make progress.

To maximise the benefits of a CIMT programme your therapist will advise you to continue tasks with your child outside of the therapy sessions and over the weekends during the programme. Your CIMT therapist will give you advice and instruction on what activities and movements to concentrate on. The activities will tend to be play based, or your therapist will provide you with tips on how to engage your child’s arm in many different situations.

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Non-Removable casts –v- removable casts

For children we use non-removable casts over the full duration of the CIMT programme. This is because: If the cast can be removed, a child may divert their attention to removing it rather than focussing on their affected arm; For cortical reorganisation to occur, we need a concentrated period of time to work on the unaffected side. Evidence shows what’s needed is weeks rather than days.

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Each day your therapist will ask you for an update on what activities were completed at home and how your child managed. They use this information to chart your child’s progress, or to identify any areas that could be worked on further.

Your therapist is available for support at any time during the programme, even outside of therapy sessions, so if you have any questions or concerns you are able to contact them.

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