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Brain Injury

A brain injury can occur at any age, caused by either: Trauma, such as a direct blow from a fall or road accident or Non-trauma, such as a bleed or a lack of oxygen. The effects of a brain injury are very varied and will depend on the extent of the brain injury and the location of the damage.

CIMT patient going through a physical therapy task

If part of the brain that controls movement in the hand and arm is damaged, that limb will become weaker and the child may struggle to use it. The child may then develop compensatory patterns of movement and rely on their stronger side for most tasks, effectively neglecting their weaker side.

If just one side of the body is affected by brain injury, the child is said to have acquired hemiplegia. Constraint induced movement therapy is an effective treatment for hemiplegia in the arm and hand caused by brain injury.

We understand the complexities of brain injury and the additional complications that may occur. At CIMT we have successfully worked with children who have additional problems with mobility, feeding or communication difficulties.

If your child has had a brain injury and you would like to discuss whether CIMT may be right for them, contact us for a free telephone consultation with one of our specialist CIMT therapists.

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I don’t live in the UK – is this a problem?

Not at all. Many of our patients travel from all over the UK and beyond to work with us. We can provide you with local information, accommodation suggestions and advice on location – just ask!

If you are based in America, why not contact the founding clinic in Alabama? (www.uabmedicine.org/patient-care/treatments/ci-therapy)

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