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Telephone Consultation

The first step is a telephone consultation with one of our CIMT therapists.

Our therapists can speak to the referring professional or directly with the individual or their family member/parent. During the telephone consultation our CIMT therapist will try to determine whether the patient will be suitable for constraint induced movement therapy. They will therefore need to know:

  • Patient age
  • Condition and history
  • Current presentation including amount of activity in upper limb
  • Therapy progress to date and current input
  • Patient’s goals and expectations
CIMT physiotherapist and patient work together on problem

During the telephone consultation we will also answer any questions and can send further information about constraint induced movement therapy and our programmes, as we understand that enrolling on a CIMT programme is a big commitment. The CIMT therapist will be able to give guidance as to whether the patient is suitable for a programme and advise on the next steps.

Following a telephone consultation we will provide information on how to book an assessment and a programme. We can also provide advice regarding funding.

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