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Initial Assessment

If the patient is considered suitable for a constraint induced movement therapy programme following the information gained on the telephone consultation, the next step is an initial assessment.

The patient will travel to one of our clinic locations for the assessment, which takes approximately 90 minutes. The assessment will include:

  • Detailed subjective history
  • Observation of current function
  • Full objective assessment of upper limb
  • Discussion of goals and expectations
CIMT sessions held at Manchester St John Street

Most patients attend with family or carers, however it is possible for their referring professional to attend if they wish.

Following the assessment the CIMT therapist will produce a written report detailing the findings and their recommendations for constraint induced movement therapy. In the event that they feel a CIMT programme is not suitable they will make suggestions for alternative treatments.

The assessment report will be sent to the patient, but can also be sent to any referring professional. Once all parties are in agreement that a CIMT programme is suitable, we can provide suggestions for dates and look at formally booking a programme.

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