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Therapy Sessions

Constraint induced movement therapy (“CI Therapy” or “CIMT”) involves rehabilitation of the weaker arm while wearing a constraint mitt on the unaffected side. Our constraint induced movement therapy programmes are delivered at one of our clinic locations.

CIMT programmes are delivered over a 2 or 3 week period. Therapy sessions are 5 days a week, with each session lasting 3 hours.

Therapy sessions are:

  • One-to-one treatment with a CIMT therapist
  • Special exercises designed to improve various elements of your hand and arm function. These exercises are based on quick tasks that are repeated and measured. You will complete a series of exercises each day, which will progressively become more challenging as you develop your skills.
  • Functional task practice (eg activities you may complete around the home) with guidance on how to complete the tasks with your affected arm with/without assistance.
  • All activities tailored to your individual goals and interests.
  • Daily discussion about how well you feel your hand and arm is performing in specific tasks, allowing us to chart your progress and problem-solve any tasks you are struggling with.
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Can you do CIMT one day a week?

Studies keep looking into diluted forms of CIMT. The results are never as substantial as those for 5 days a week intensity, so we stick to the evidence and only offer the programmes in full. For cortical reorganisation to occur you need prolonged focus on the affected limb – can you get that with just one session a week...?

CIMT physiotherapist aids a patient during a task

We strongly recommend you have support for the programme, whether a partner, family member or carer. They are welcome to attend all or some of the therapy sessions. We would recommend they attend the first session initially so that guidance on home practice can be given and they understand what you’ll be doing each day.

Your therapist will use measures and tests to chart your progress. They will also use video footage as we often find that changes can occur so much it is difficult to remember where you started from! Videos often serve as nice reminders of how far you have progressed and can be very motivating. A full consent form will be completed before any video footage is taken.

Constraint induced movement therapy sessions are intensive and hard work, but your therapist will be there to coach and motivate you the whole time. Activities in therapy sessions will be challenging, but not impossible. Your CIMT therapist will always push you to achieve your very best, but at the same time will ensure you gain a sense of achievement from each day.

To find out more about our CIMT programmes please call 0330 223 0077 to speak to one of our CIMT therapists.

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