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Reggie Smiling During Treatment

Meet Reggie

“It’s made me realise I need to take a step back sometimes as Reggie is more capable than I sometimes I realise.” - Hannah, Reggie’s mum.
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“When I found out about CIMT and after reading the testimonials I was adamant to get him on a programme. I felt like it was exactly what he needed!”
Hannah, Reggie's Mum.

The Challenge

Reggie struggled to achieve functional movement and control of his right arm. Reggie also struggled with consistent grasp and release and keeping objects in his hand. Reggie showed a strong preference to his left side and throughout the programme, we worked on increasing awareness in use of his right arm to make a meaningful difference.

“The whole team were really good at keeping Reggie engaged and suggesting different activities.” - Hannah, Reggie’s mum.

The Goals

  • To improve his grasp and release of toys of varying sizes
  • To increase his range of movement throughout his arm and hand
  • To achieve finger isolation in order to be able to achieve pincer grasp
  • To increase his awareness in his right arm

Our Approach


Muscle strengthening, through play and movement


Grasping and releasing


Fine motor skills exercises and use of kinesiology tape

The Science-y Bit

CIMT involves constraining the stronger arm in a lightweight cast and completing rehab of the weaker arm and hand, which for children is undertaken through play and meaningful functional activities. Having the cast on for 4 weeks has allowed Reggie to focus on only using his affected arm in activities which increases awareness of his right upper limb. This helps to stimulate formation of new pathways for movement and in turn helps to rewire the brain.

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The high intensity and repetitive use of Reggie’s affected upper limb over a relatively short period of time had produced lasting changes not only in the amount and quality of movement of his weaker arm and hand but within activities involving both hands.

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Ruth - Reggie's Therapist

“Reggie loved coming in every morning, there was never an issue and he was always excited to see what toys and things we’d be doing that day.”
Hannah, Reggie’s mum.

The Results

Increase Upwards Arrow Icon67%

General Usage Items

Increase Upwards Arrow Icon60%

Arm Use Items

Increase Upwards Arrow Icon17%

Grasp-Release (items)

Increase Upwards Arrow Icon25%

Fine Motor Adjustment

Increase Upwards Arrow Icon50%

Pace items

The Achievements

  • Use of his right hand within bimanual activities increased and was of improved position for example when used to steady or carry an object.
  • Reggie is more independent and less frustrated using his right hand.
  • Improved coordination, grasp and release.
  • Improved ability to open his hand and hold a variety of different sized objects.
  • Improvement in the quality and range of Reggie’s grasps so he can now play with much larger range of toys.
  • Reggie has improved hand grips which means he can now feed himself independently.
"CIMT helped him in many ways. I guess the main thing would be independence Reggie now has.”
Hannah, Reggie’s mum .
Therapist Ben, interacting with Reggie.

The Parents Feedback

CIMT met our expectations and more! I can’t believe what Reggie has achieved in the time we have been here. The team were incredible! Ruth is a very very special person and we love her!” “My advice for other parents would be - go for it! Even if it’s just a slight improvement that’s worth it!” - Hannah, Reggie’s mum

“My advice for other parents would be - go for it! Even if it’s just a slight improvement that’s worth it!” - Hannah, Reggie’s mum

The Therapists Feedback

Reggie was so much fun to work with! We, therapists, thought hard to make activities enjoyable for him whilst developing the skills he needed to improve functional use of his right hand and arm. Reggie's has persevered in using his right hand within challenging activities which he can be successful in completing. This has resulted in improvements in real world use of his right hand over the course of his 4 week programme with improvements continuing at home after CIMT is completed!

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Reggie was so much fun to work with!
Ruth's portrait headshot

Ruth - Reggie's Therapist

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