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Follow Up Treatment

Following completion of our constraint induced movement therapy (“CI Therapy” or “CIMT”) programme you will be invited back to the clinic for a review of your progress. The purpose of this review is for the therapist to assess your progress and make any necessary recommendations for future treatment.

Constraint mitt used within everday settings to test real life situations

Scientific research has shown that the improvements gained in a CIMT programme for adults tend to remain, with some studies following patients up to 2 years after treatment.

Sometimes it may be beneficial to consider a “top-up” CIMT programme, to further push your progress and advance your skills. Your CIMT therapist will advise you as to whether this is suitable based on your previous progress and your current abilities.

Your therapist will also be able to advise on any further therapy that may benefit you, or make adjustments to your exercise programme.

This review period also gives you a chance to reflect on the impact that the constraint induced movement therapy programme has had on your overall quality of life and may help motivate you to continue using the weaker arm in a meaningful way in the long term future.

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