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Motor Activity Log

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What is the MAL?

This instrument is a structured interview intended to examine how much and how well the subject uses their more-affected arm outside of the laboratory setting.

How is the MAL Completed

Participants are asked standardized questions about the amount of use of their more-affected arm (Amount Scale) and the quality of their movement (How Well Scale) during the functional activities indicated.

The scales are printed on separate sheets of paper and are placed in front of the participant during test administration. Participants should be told that they can give half scores if this is reflective of their ratings.

Both the AS and HW scales are used during all test administrations, except for the periodic administrations of the MAL during treatment, when only the HW scale is used. In all administrations except those done during treatment, begin with the AS scale and ask participants to rate all tasks using the AS scale first. The participant then rates all tasks performed with the HW scale. The tester should not ask the participant to rate the more-affected UE on the HW scale if they have already rated the more-affected upper extremity as a 0 for the AS.

Therapist interacting with patient

Amount Scale

  1. Not Used - Did not use my weaker arm.
  2. Very Rarely - Occasionally used my weaker arm but only very rarely.
  3. Rarely - Sometimes used my weaker arm but did the activity most of the time with my stronger arm.
  4. Half pre-stroke - Used my weaker arm about half as much as before the stroke.
  5. ¾ pre-stroke - Used my weaker arm almost as much as before the stroke.
  6. Same as pre-stroke - Used my weaker arm as often as before the stroke.
Therapist interacting with patient

How Well Scale

  1. Not Used - My weaker arm was not used at all for the activity.
  2. Very Poor - My weaker arm was moved during that activity but was not helpful.
  3. Poor - My weaker arm was of some use during that activity but needed some help from the stronger arm, moved very slowly, or with difficulty.
  4. Fair - My weaker arm was used for that activity but the movements were slow or were made only with some effort.
  5. Almost Normal - The movements made by my weaker arm for that activity were almost normal but not quite as fast or accurate as normal.
  6. Normal - The ability to use my weaker arm for that activity was as good as before the stroke.
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What length of programme is best?

Our therapists will recommend programme length based on their assessment findings. Generally the less functional movement to start with, the longer the programme recommendation. We offer a minimum programme length of 2 weeks – the evidence does not support any less!

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