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Telephone Consultation

If you would like to find out whether your child may benefit from one of our Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (“CIMT”) programmes, the first step is to have a free telephone consultation with one of our CIMT therapists.

During the consultation the CIMT therapist will ask for further information regarding your child's:

  • Age (minimum age is 18 months)
  • Condition e.g. cerebral palsy
  • Level of hand function
  • Developmental background
  • Current ability
  • Other medical problems
  • Response to previous therapies
Child playing with an abacus

Using this information, the CIMT therapist will determine whether your child may be suitable for constraint induced movement therapy and give you some indication of what you could expect to gain from a programme. You can also ask any questions you may have about the treatment, or the logistics of attending a programme.

Following the telephone consultation you will be provided with more information regarding how to book a formal assessment and the programme itself.

We understand that attending a CIMT programme is a big commitment and an important decision to make. You can always contact your CIMT therapist again with further questions as you make your decision and are under no obligation to book.

If during the telephone consultation your CIMT therapist determines that your child may not be suitable for CIMT, they will be able to explain the reasons why and give you some advice on alternative treatments to consider. All CIMT therapists are specialist physiotherapists and occupational therapists and have a broad knowledge of treatment options.

If your child would be suitable for a CIMT programme, the next step is an initial assessment and report

To arrange a free telephone consultation please call 0330 223 0077.

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Is funding for CIMT available?

We are always happy to provide the background information and evidence to support funding requests, whether they are through charities or clinical commissioning groups. We can discuss funding options with patients or any of their healthcare team.

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Call Our Helpline Today

Call us on 0330 223 0077 or email to speak to one of our specialist CIMT therapists.

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CIMT is cruel... isn't it?

No! The principle of CIMT is for the child to have a positive experience in using their arm.

CIMT sessions are designed to be fun and enjoyable – it wouldn’t work if it was upsetting. Have a look at our patient stories to see how children react to CIMT.