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Alistair drawing on a whiteboard during his CIMT session

When just one side of the body is affected by injury to the brain or spinal cord, the result is “hemiplegia”.
CIMT is one of the most effective treatments for the hemiplegic upper limb, allowing greater functional independence and improving quality of life. CIMT is suitable for children and adults with hemiplegia, particularly those who rarely use their affected arm (“learned non-use”).


Constraint of an individual’s unaffected limb. Devices such as mitts, slings and non-removable casts are used to achieve this.


Repetitive task practice and adaptive task practice with the affected limb. Sessions are daily over a period of weeks, and completed with one to one training from one of our specialist CIMT therapists.


A contract between the therapist and the patient (or their parent) is used to ensure a commitment to therapy.

Every CIMT programme is uniquely tailored to the individual’s abilities and personal goals, and lasting significant results can often be gained over a short period of time. Watch our video below for more information!

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